If for any reason the item arrives damaged, We will gladly send you a replacement. We will need photographic evidence of the damaged mailer and prints to show as proof when filing my insurance claim with the post office. COLORS MAY VARY FROM MONITOR TO MONITOR. Please keep that in mind when choosing print colors. We cannot refund or exchange prints once they have been ordered, as We print specifically to order. Please respect the time and work We have put into your order.

We DO NOT SELL CANVAS PRODUCTS. If you have failed to read the item description and think that you will be receiving canvas, that is of no fault of mine. I print everything to order. It is time consuming and costly. Please understand that I cannot give you a refund as that is your mistake and I cannot be held responsible. Please respect the time and work I have put into your order.

You are responsible for knowing what you are purchasing. Be sure to read item titles, materials, descriptions, shipping, and shop policies carefully before placing an order. Everything you need to know is clearly stated for each item. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please communicate with us if you have any issues with your purchase, We care about our shop so very much and do our best to take care of our customers.

Thank you for stopping by!